Andorinhas Project

Reinarda Mineração Ltda ("RML") is engaged with the local community via the Reinarda Community Support Committee to channel funds in the most effective areas in terms of the Town of Floresta, with projects that include; the construction of a sports field and cultural area including an artificial lake. RML is also upgrading the major connecting gravel road between the its operation and the bitumen highway.

In general the Company enjoys a good relationship with the surrounding communities and has a strong support from the inhabitants. The marked improvements in, community facilities, standard of living and security is a very positive result of providing job opportunities and channelling funds into the local markets. By far the best social assistance one can provide is jobs. The Company employs 255 persons
with the majority coming from and living in the surrounding towns. The Company is by far the largest single employer in the region.

Sertão Mineração Ltda Operations

Following the closure of the Sertão operation, monitoring of the rehabilitated areas, including water quality checks, will continue for a period of 2 years to protect plant growth and ensure a satisfactory outcome.